Do you speak NHS?

The National Health Service (NHS) is notorious for using acronyms to shorten anything into capitals. Please find below some of the more relevant ones: 

TVPCN - Tame Valley Primary Care Network - A group of 8 practices working together to deliver excellent primary care health services in Stockport 

ICB - Integrated Care Board - NHS Commissioners who decide how money is spent across a wider local geographical area. (TVPCN is part of Greater Manchester ICB - Stockport) 

LD - Learning Disability 

MDT - A Multi Disciplinary Team - A group of different professionals working together to support patients with complex needs (Eg GP, Health visitor, Social worker etc) 

MH - Mental Health

SIPS Team - Stockport Integrated Pharmacy Service 

SMI - Severe Mental Impairment 

SMR - Structured Medication Review

PN - Practice Nurse           NA - Nurse Associate            TNA - Trainee Nurse Associate          HCA - Healthcare Assistant

PPG - Patient Participation Group

Can you think of any others? Contact us if you'd like more adding to this list!