Safeguarding Team

Domestic abuse and Safeguarding Health Coaches

  • Provide specialist support, completing person-centred support plans and risk assessments
  • Providing support to individuals and families who may have diverse or complex needs
  • Collaborate with patients in a trauma-informed way identifying the needs of our patients, providing appropriate advice and support to ensure patients maintain their own safety and move towards being safe and independent
  • Support patients making police statements
  • Seek legal advice for patients when required
  • Regularly engage with groups such as LGBTQ+ communities, older people, BAME, cultural communities and many other isolated group


Safeguarding Co-Ordinator

  • Reviews safeguarding registers to make sure they are up to date
  • Reviews incoming correspondence for patients on the safeguarding register
  • Reviews all patient DNAs, for primary and secondary care to make sure patients aren't missing important appointments. 
  • Arranges, chair and minute safeguarding meetings within the practice team. 
  • Attends Team Around the Child, Team Around the Adult, Team Around the Family, Strategy and Child Protection Case Conferences and feeds back to the relevant GP team
  • Prepares reports for outside agencies including Child Protection Case Conferences, PREVENT, social workers etc
  • Recalls children for immunisations to make sure they are protected from disease
  • Refers patients to social care if required
  • Follows up on safeguarding concerns reported by staff